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Akron is situated like a queen at the summit of the Ohio and the Erie Canals, making it a wonderful location for the residents of Akron rental homes. Known as the "Rubber City," industry and commerce have helped Akron develop into a major Ohio city and a great place to live. There are great Akron homes for rent and the job market is hopeful for those with a hard work ethic and desire to give it their all.

Although it has a strong hand in
industry, the city isn't all work and no play however, as entertainment has never been more entertaining and the streets are paved with gold and chocolate. Naw, not really, but it's really nice just the same and has proven time and time a great place to live.

Residents of Akron rental homes have a variety of fun stuff to do around town to get out. It's pretty close to all play and no work around here with cool attractions like The Akron Zoo, Dr. Bob's House, The Akron Art Museum, and the National Inventors Hall of Fame. These places enlighten the minds of Akron young and old and bring not only locals, but when the hearts of tourists as well. Oh, and that's not even half of it.

Let's talk about shopping. Shoppers from Akron rental homes love life in the Rubber City. There are many malls in Akron, West Pointe Market, Quaker Square, Summit Mall, Rolling Acres Mall, Chapel Hill Mall and others. That's not even counting the individual stores and boutiques that are dotted through out the city. Stores like Gap, Foot Locker, Express, Victoria's Secret, Cache, Eddie Bauer and New York & Company can get you started. Just be careful not to spend all your hard earned cash in one place because you've also got to have money to eat in this great city.

Dining is more than food for those in Akron home rentals. Check out fine dining and fast food in this fun environment. Restaurants around town include Tangier's, Luigi's Restaurant, Ken Stewart's Grille, Swensons Drive in, Olive Garden, El Rincon Mexican Restaurant, Crave and Waterloo.

You've spent a day shopping and eating, but what now? History and cultural buffs have a lot to occupy their time here as well. Museums and galleries like the Akron Police Museum, National Museum of Education, Akron Airship Historical Center, Akron Fossils & Science Center and the Ohio Erie Canal Corridor can give insight to even the smartest scholar. Add these awesome sites to the ones mentioned above and you can pack your day full of class, art, and culture......and food and shopping.

All the benefits of Akron homes for rent let you live how you want to live, play how you want to play and do what you truly want to do. So what are you waiting for? Explore Akron houses for rent and begin the adventure of the rest of your life!
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home for rent 3 Bedroom Home  for Rent  for $950 1 of 1  see next picture »
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706 Taft Ave Bedford, OH 44146 USA

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706 Taft Ave

Call: (440) 565-0016

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1 1088330 41.3816, -81.5301 local: (440) 565-0016
home for rent 3 Bedroom Home  for Rent  for $995 1 of 10  see next picture »
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60 Ellenwood Ave Bedford, OH 44146 USA

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60 Ellenwood Ave

Call: (216) 586-3865

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2 993820 41.3904, -81.5224 local: (216) 586-3865
condo for rent 2 Bedroom Condo  for Rent  for $795 1 of 1  see next picture »
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4907 Banbury #A13 Warrensville Heights, OH 44128 USA

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4907 Banbury #A13

Call: (216) 502-4251

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3 1088328 41.4375, -81.5407 local: (216) 502-4251
townhouse for rent 2 Bedroom Townhome  for Rent  for $695 1 of 16  see next picture »
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4480 Granada Blvd Warrensville Heights, OH 44128 USA

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Updated Warrensville Townhouse

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4 963549 41.439, -81.547 local: (216) 586-3894
condo for rent 3 Bedroom Condo  for Rent  for $825 1 of 15  see next picture »
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23984 Banbury Circle Warrensville Heights, OH 44128 USA

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3 bedroom condo

Call: (216) 586-3894

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5 1011229 41.439, -81.547 local: (216) 586-3894

Places in Akron, Ohio

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Arts Museums & Landmarks
Many people know that one of the major tire companies, Goodyear, has their home within the city limits, so it makes sense that one of the most famous airships put out by the Goodyear Company - the ... more »
41.028649, -81.463476
1210 Massillon Rd Akron, Ohio USA
place 4
Arts Museums & Landmarks
Akron is a bustling town full of interesting people and a vivid downtown, but there's also a need for folks from Akron apartments to get in touch with their pasts, and one of the best ways to do th... more »
41.08419, -81.514061
South Walnut Street and Glendale Avenue Akron, Ohio USA
place 4
Arts Museums & Landmarks
When walking through a cemetery, one can't help but feel in so in touch with the lives that came before you, as if you are in touch with the very history of the land itself. For those folks from Ak... more »
41.085229, -81.525417
150 Glendale Avenue Akron, Ohio 44302 USA
(330) 253-2317
place 5
Arts Museums & Landmarks
Though most of the major sports teams in Ohio lie outside the city limits, there are still a wide number of sports fan living inside Akron, and for those wanting to take in a game of the baseball o... more »
41.042657, -81.528988
1575 Firestone Parkway Akron, Ohio 44301 USA
(330) 376-8188
place 5
Arts Museums & Landmarks
Of the many organizations that may have grown out of Akron over the years, there's perhaps none more important than Alcoholics Anonymous, started by Akronite Dr. Robert Smith, known to most as Dr. ... more »
41.095776, -81.549307
855 Ardmore Avenue Akron, Ohio 44302 USA
(330) 864-1935
place 4
Arts Museums & Landmarks
Apartment buildings can be found all throughout the city, but few have quite the history and charm of Canal Place, one of the oldest and most beautiful structures in all of Akron. Canal Place is mo... more »
39.83, -98.58
520 South Main Street Akron, Ohio 44311 USA
(330) 434-8656
place 4
Parks & Recreation
One of the most famous men in Akron history was F.A. Seiberling, most famous for founding Goodyear Tire and Rubber company, and when it came time to build a house, he pulled out all the stops, crea... more »
41.116781, -81.548724
714 North Portage Path Akron, Ohio 44303 USA
(330) 836-5533
place 5
Parks & Recreation
There are plenty of ways to explore the beauty of nature on a bright Ohio day, but none provide quite the variety of activities that one can find at the Seiberling Nature Realm. More than just a pr... more »
41.072669, -81.448035
2077 Newton Street Akron, Ohio 44305 USA
(330) 865-8065
place 5
Parks & Recreation
It's important for any person from an Akron apartment to remember the history of their region, to remember all the men and women who came before them that made their society into what it is today. ... more »
41.079875, -81.507384
60 Fir Hl Akron, Ohio 44304 USA
(330) 972-6909
place 4
Parks & Recreation
There's a world of wildlife out there that most people never get the chance to see, but there's one place that folks from Akron apartments can go to see all the wild and intriguing creatures of the... more »
41.080365, -81.539935
500 Edgewood Avenue Akron, Ohio 44307 USA
(330) 375-2525
place 5